Is Your Troop Ready to be a Super G.I.R.L. Troop?



A Super G.I.R.L. Troop exemplifies girls and adults working in partnership to give each girl an amazing Girl Scout experience. Surveys show that a satisfied and happy Girl Scout is having fun with her friends and has a quality experience engaged in meaningful activities throughout the year.

Super G.I.R.L. Troop Requirments:

  • Have a minimum of 12 girls and 2 co-leaders with current memberships.
  • Participate in the Fall Product Sale and Cookie Sale.
  • Have a per girl average of $200.00 in fall products sold and 198 box of cookies sold.
  • Participate in a minimum of two council sponsored Outdoor Programs and two council sponsored Girl/Indoor Programs.
  • Make a troop donation to GIFTS for Girls. Donation must be a minimum of $5.00 per family.
  • Complete at least one service project during the current Girl Scout Year. This cannot be substituted for a higher awards project.
  • Be Early Bird registered. At least 80% of girls and 50% of parents by the 2nd week of the Early Bird campaign.

Super G.I.R.L. Troop Co-Leader Requirements:

  • New co-leaders must complete all required training within 90 days. Existing co-leaders must have completed VE and GSLE trainings. Product trainings must also be completed annually.
  • Take the online VTK training and create a year plan in the VTK
  • Complete and submit Troop Finance Reports via the VTK two times per year – December 31 and May 31

If your troop has what it takes to be recognized as a Citrus Super G.I.R.L Troop, not only will they have bragging rights, but they’ll also get:

  • A Super Troop Patch for all the girls in the troop
  • A Super Troop Pin for co-leaders
  • An invitation to a special and exclusive event for all Super GIRL Troops in May
  • Each Super GIRL Troop will also receive $50 in Citrus Shop Bucks
  • And much MORE

Is your troop on track to become one of Citrus Council’s Super G.I.R.L Troops?