Girl Scout Troop 1710 is Always Willing to Help Their Community


During the 2017 Hurricane season, troops everywhere were rallying together to do what they could to help those impacted. Some troops took to supporting existing initiatives to help make a larger impact. As was the case with Seminole Lakes Community, Troop 1710.

The Girl Scouts of Troop 1710 and their families, all took part in the ‘Orlando Cares-Hope for Puerto Rico’, coordinated by Feed Children Everywhere. Feed Children Everywhere is a non-profit organization committed to providing healthy meals to those in need. With the support of community organizations, numerous volunteers, and some of our very own Girl Scouts the organization was able to reach their goal of 4.4 million meals to help victims in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

Troop 1710 had heard about the goal of Feed Children Everywhere through Facebook. Admiring what Feed Children Everywhere stands for, these Girl Scouts jumped at the chance to help during ‘Orlando Cares- Hope for Puerto Rico’. The girls and their families were all able to rearrange their schedules at the last minute to help a great cause.

The event was held at the Orange County Convention Center in a 200,000 square foot hall. The girls and parents split up and worked in several small groups to get as many meals packaged. To add a little motivation, the troop and their families held a little competition to see who could pack the most. The girls would check on their parents and vice versa to see who was in the lead. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition after all.


“We had such a great feeling knowing we were helping to bring love and support to a country so devastated. I am very proud of our girls, they are always willing to help someone in need. They make it their mission to help whenever it is possible” expressed Girl Scout Troop 1710 leader, Stacey Herron.

The troop, as many other Citrus Girl Scout troops, are active in helping their local community. Troop 1710 has held shoe drives, various coat drives and most recently helping package meals for the families in Puerto Rico devastated by the Hurricane Maria. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the troop also helped several of our senior citizens clear debris from their yards.

“I am so proud of our girls for always thinking of others before themselves. They are always willing to help when needed in the community. We have a wonderful bunch of girls and they are going to do wonderful things as they become adults” said Stacey Herron.