History of Christmas Traditions

Written by Media Girls Ana Tew & Isabella Ramirez


Have you ever wondered where your favorite Christmas traditions come from? We sure know we have! For example, why are your mom’s cookies left out for Santa Claus or why are the colors red and green considered Christmas colors?

Cookies and Milk for Santa

Some theories come from Norse folk lore. Odin, the Norse god, led a grand hunting party during yule tide festivals. Children would leave food out for Odin’s eight legged horse, Sleipnir. Eventually, with other European influences on this Norse tradition, it became the Christian tradition to leave cookies and milk for Santa while adventured around the world.

This tradition became popular in America during the Great Depression, when parents believed that their kids helping Santa during his tiring journey, taught them that their good deeds have rewards.

The History of Using Red and Green as Christmas Colors

The green is said to symbolize “The Paradise Tree” in the Garden of Eden. It was normally a pine tree with red apples tied to it. The green would also symbolize holly or ivy that were evergreen plants.

The red symbolizes the red apples also on “The Paradise Tree” in the Garden of Eden. The red is also said to reference holly berries said to represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

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