Citrus Stories: Marry a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Marry the Troop


Samantha Dumont is the troop leader of multilevel troop 4051, and a 26 year long Girl Scout member. Needless to say, Samantha bleeds green. Like many dedicated troop leaders, the girls she guides and mentors hold a special place in her heart. So much so, that she knew they would play a key part at her wedding.

“…my troop means the world to me. When I got engaged, both Matt and I knew that we wanted to include my girls on our special day.”

Having a wedding without her Girl Scout troop was simply not in the cards for this bride to be. But what could they do to include her troop in the wedding? Samantha and Matt thought about having a few of the girls as flower girls. But how could they decide which ones?

After hours of back and forth, Matt suggested to have all of them as their flower girls. A little unconventional as weddings go, but then again, every wedding is different. So, with that in mind, the couple started planning on what the girls would wear and how to tell them.

“…given my lifelong membership with the Girl Scouts… I had the idea to have the girls wear their uniforms for the wedding. When I told Matt, he thought it was a wonderful idea!”

Now, the fun part…asking them. The initial idea was to ask the troops during a meeting. They would all be together, and it would make for a great surprise. In March 2016, during a troop meeting, Samantha and Matt asked the girls why they believe they would make the best flower girl. It was only fitting that the couple then make the formal later in October during a troop ceremony.

“When we asked them, we gave them hand-made necklaces in our wedding colors. The squeals and hugs were well worth the wait. The wedding excitement started right away for them. They even helped with the decorations and favors.”

Everything seemed to be falling in place. The wedding planning was done, the caterer selected, the venue confirmed, and a Girl Scout troop setup to guide Samantha down the aisle.

“When the day of our wedding dawned, it was a beautiful… a cool sunny day in June. The girls looked great in their uniforms with flowers in their hair. I loved having them in my wedding and couldn’t imagine them not being included.”

Samantha and Matt were married June 2017.