While at Camp, Remember to…


Don’t let your peaceful campsite be interrupted by the ring of a cellphone or the ping of a text. We live in a world so hooked to the Internet, cell phones, and tablets. Disconnect for a few days. There are so many things to hear, see, and do on a camp adventure. You’ll miss out on experiencing the power of this place and time if you don’t unplug.

Protect yourself from the environment!
Pack and use sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and insect repellant every day. Also, pack extra dry socks to avoid blisters and a hat to protect you from the sun, rain, and cold.

Soap your pots and pans!
This is a neat trick: apply dish soap to the outside of all your pots and pans before putting them on the fire. When it’s time for cleanup, the soot from the fire will wash right off.

 Leave no trace!
While camping or doing any other outdoor activity, it’s important to respect nature. Make sure to pack up all your trash and food scraps, and leave things like rocks, trees, wildlife and other natural things untouched.

Pick up after yourself!
For more than 100 years, girls have heard their leaders say, “A Girl Scout always leaves a place better than she found it.” That is also true when camping! Please pick up and pack up the litter you find on the trail, clean up your fire ring and campsite, and be good neighbors to those who are camping nearby.