STEM Scholarship for Older Girls

Join the STEM Scholars Program for an exciting year long mentorship and become a mentee to a STEM professional!


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As a Girl Scout do your passions lie in science, technology, engineering and math? Let the STEM Scholars Program give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and advance your skills!

Girl Scouts offers special opportunities for older girls who want to engage more deeply in STEM throughThe STEM Scholars Program (with the support of The New York Academy of Sciences and United Technologies).

How it Works:

Through the STEM Scholars Program, students ages 13 to 18 are paired with a professional mentor to work together for one year through an online platform (hosting soft skill development for mentees in leadership, critical thinking, communication, and college readiness)—for FREE. Students can ask questions about what working in field of science is like and also receive noteworthy advice on advancing into college and career paths.


Each student receives customized:

Mentorship: Students are paired with a STEM professional who can help them in reaching their goals.

Coursework: Coursework in college readiness, leadership, communications and critical thinking are available for free.

Social Network: Students and scientists from around the world interact on a moderated and engaging social network.

UTC Opportunities: Internship and engagement with a world-class engineering and STEM company.


How Girl Scout STEM Programs Benefit Girls

  • Girls engage in cooperative learning as they work together to solve problems; these learned skills will to help them prepare for their careers.
  • Girls lead their own explorations in Girl Scout STEM programs and build their unique skill set and college portfolio.
  • Girls take on leadership roles more often and in different contexts..
  • Girls gain a network of peers and STEM professionals who can connect them to career-building opportunities.
  • Mentors provide emotional support by making girls feel valued.


FAQ: Why are Mentors Important?

Q: Why should I get a mentor?
A: A STEM mentor can help you in so many ways. They can give you advice about college and internships, introduce you to influential people, provide feedback on STEM schoolwork, share career advice, add a fresh perspective, help you acquire skills, and motivate you to accomplish more than you think you can. In addition, the free program can give you an advantage when applying to college/university programs, aid you in developing essential skills, and allow you access to a global network of like-minded peer and mentors.

Q: How does the virtual mentoring work?
A: Our flexible online training system enables you to develop leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills at your own pace and with your mentor. You can get help with college preparation and connect to the larger community of STEM professionals and likeminded students everywhere whenever you wish through the learning platform.

Q: How much time does it take? Do I have to be online every day?
A: The program is very flexible and works with your schedule. Your mentor and you arrange how often you want to interact, with the goal of touching base at least twice a month.

Q: How long is the program?
A: The program runs for a full calendar year.

Q: How do I become a mentee?
A: We will open mentee (UTC Stem Scholars) applications in April 2017. This free program is for students ages 13-18 who live anywhere in the world, speak English, and have a reliable internet connection. Passion about science, technology, engineering, or math is essential.


STEM Scholars Program Timeline

  • From April to the end of May: applications are available to mentor and mentee candidates. (Informational webinars and Q&As are able to be scheduled during this time)
  • April to the end of May: Application reviews, interviews & background checks (mentors) are conducted.
  • Throughout June: Acceptance notification and next steps are provided
  • June to July: mentors and mentees receive an invitation to train and then the program content launch begins
  • July 2017 to July 2018: the UTC STEM Scholars program will host original content, engagement events, and virtual networking opportunities across its platform


It’s easy to sign up at You just have to:

  • Be 13-18 years old
  • Have reliable internet access
  • Be able to communicate in English



  1. The deadline is 5/31/17.
  2. Students who apply for the opportunity via the Girl Scouts can use code #GirlScouts in their applications to let us know they are a referral student!